Department Badge Paradise Police Department
Media Bulletin for Wednesday, July 23, 2014

16:34 Peace Disturbance 140722024
Occurred at Skyway Villa Mhp on Skyway. , Paradise. Julia unk last, at loc refusing to leave. Subj has been staying there for a few days and RP now wants her to leave. Ofcr attempted contact, no answer. Msg left. . Disposition: Documentation Only.

16:40 Suspicious Vehicle 140722025
Officer initiated activity at Dogtown Rd/Sky, Paradise.OV of veh occupied by Jason Pinson 041282. . Disposition: No Suspicious Activity Located.

17:57 Fraudulent Activity 140722027
Occurred at Villa Monterey Apartments on Elliott Rd. , Paradise. Phone scam stating they were associated with Kiki Web Solutions. RP gave his personal information to subjs but card was declined. RP contacted. . Disposition: Documentation Only.

18:05 Civil Matter 140722028
Occurred on Jewell Rd, Paradise. Wanting information in order to have roommate Lucy Dremmel 010158 leave the premises. Ofcr attempted contact, RP unavailable. . Disposition: Documentation Only.

18:17 Civil Matter 140722029
Occurred on Locust Vale, Paradise. Unk subj was on his property while he was out of town poss cutting trees. RP contacted. . Disposition: Options Provided.

18:17 Peace Disturbance 140722030
Occurred on Royal Canyon Ln, Paradise. Neighbor Grace Eaton is fearful of her son Keith Eaton 022650. Earlier today Keith wouldn't allow Grace out of the house to go to her hair appt. When RP spoke to her she said she didn't want the police out there at that time. RP contacted in lobby, options given. . Disposition: Documentation Only.

18:37 Peace Disturbance 140722033
Occurred on Oak Way, Paradise. 2 males in verbal altercation. Area checked. . Disposition: Quiet on Arrival / Quiet on Departure.

19:26 Suspicious Circumstances 140722037
Occurred at Ponderosa Elementary School on Pentz Rd. , Paradise. She observed WMA & WFJ run from behind the school to the bus shed, then they went to a vacant A frame house north of the school. WMA, approx 50, gry hair, striped shirt, jeans. WFJ, approx 10, denim shorts, pig tails. Area checked. . Disposition: Gone On Arrival - Unable to Locate.

19:43 Warrant Arrest 140722038
Occurred at Bille Rd/Erika Dr, Paradise. OV of Frank Andrea Moretto 073046 arrested, cited and released on outstanding PPD misd warrant, dkt #SCR097635 for 853.7 PC, 14601.1a VC and 40508a VC, bail $5,000. Refer 14-0508. . Disposition: Arrest Made.

20:35 Peace Disturbance 140722041
Occurred at Central Park Condominiums on Maxwell Dr. , Paradise. 2 males involved in verbal altercation. Area checked. . Disposition: Quiet on Arrival / Quiet on Departure.

20:40 DUI Driver 140722042
Occurred at Clark Rd/Stl, Paradise. Poss DUI driver in silver Chevy Silverado in area of Butte College proceeding NB Clark. Contacted Amanda Joeline Ratcliff 101882 arrested for 23152(a) VC and 23152(b) VC, booked BCJ. Veh impounded by Skyway Towing. . Disposition: Arrest Made.

20:53 Traffic Complaint 140722043
Occurred at Pentz Rd/Pearson Rd, Paradise. Chevy pick up towing a boat travelling at slow speed, weaving. Units out of position, info to CHP. . Disposition: Documentation Only.

20:55 Peace Disturbance 140722044
Occurred at Cape Cod Mobile Estates on Skyway. , Paradise. His brother, Adam Balogh 060171, is refusing to leave. Subj left prior to PD response. . Disposition: Documentation Only.

21:58 Civil Matter 140722045
Occurred at Cape Cod Mobile Estates on Skyway. , Paradise. He would like to speak to ofcr re his brother taking away his medication earlier this evening. RP contacted, negative theft, ongoing dispute between brothers. . Disposition: Options Provided.

22:04 Threats 140722047
Occurred at Grocery Outlet on Clark Rd. , Paradise. She was threatened by Alexa Reeser 082595 during confrontation on 7/10/14. Alexa also made false accusations about RP. Today someone claiming to be Alexa's mother came into store looking for RP & asking questions about her. RP contacted, will call if subjs show up again. . Disposition: Documentation Only.

22:38 Peace Disturbance 140722048
Occurred on Clark Rd, Paradise. People yelling outside and peeking in her window. No desc. Area checked. . Disposition: Quiet on Arrival / Quiet on Departure.

00:31 DUI Driver 140723001
Officer initiated activity at Strattons Market, Sawmill Rd, Paradise.OV of Richard Cory Chambers 020160 arrested, cited and released for 23152(a) VC and 23152(b) VC. Veh impounded by Sinclair Towing. . Disposition: Arrest Made.

00:45 Peace Disturbance 140723002
Occurred on W Dottie Ln, Paradise. Christopher Lee Reichert 020585 is refusing to leave. Subj contacted, will be moving out in the morning. . Disposition: Documentation Only.

02:41 Pedestrian Check 140723004
Officer initiated activity at Kings Tavern, Clark Rd, Paradise.Contacted Adam Balogh 060171. Sent on way. . Disposition: Documentation Only.

03:19 Accident - Injury 140723005
Occurred at Pearson Rd/Hilbe Dr, Paradise. Single veh mc accident, driver in bushes off roadway. (i)Richard Duran 110867 transported to FRH. Veh stored by Browns Towing. . Disposition: Report Taken.

05:45 Suspicious Circumstances 140723008
Occurred at Paradise Senior Center on Nunneley Rd. , Paradise. Unk male behind concrete wall near front of loc. Area checked. . Disposition: Gone On Arrival - Unable to Locate.

06:11 Trespass 140723009
Occurred at Cape Cod Mobile Estates on Skyway. , Paradise. Adam Balogh 060171, is on deck of loc. RP contacted, subj removed from residence. . Disposition: Documentation Only.

08:48 Found Property 140723011
Occurred at Pearson Rd/Bike Path, Paradise. Bike found north of PID corp yard on bike path. Contacted Adam Balogh, will be checking area to confirm it is his. . Disposition: Documentation Only.

09:09 Suspicious Vehicle 140723012
Occurred at Millwood Ln/Sawmill Rd, Paradise. Two male subjs in veh using binoculors for over an hour. Contacted Robert Morton 122765 and David Singleton 032952. . Disposition: Documentation Only.

09:19 Civil Matter 140723013
Occurred at Appliance Resale on Skyway. , Paradise. Civil issue re purchase of appliance. RP contacted. . Disposition: Options Provided.

09:33 Traffic Complaint 140723014
Occurred at Nunneley Rd/Clark Rd, Paradise. Veh ran red light at high rate of speed. Desc: Brown Honda Civic. DOT NB on Clark Rd. . Disposition: Documentation Only.

09:35 Civil Matter 140723015
Occurred on Highland Ln, Paradise. Ex boyfriend wont leave premises. RP contacted. . Disposition: Options Provided.

09:41 Suspicious Circumstances 140723016
Occurred at Elliott Rd/Pine View Dr, Paradise. Male subj in veh observed removing mail from several mailboxes. Desc: mid 50s, brown hair. Area Checked. . Disposition: Gone On Arrival - Unable to Locate.

11:03 Hazard - Traffic 140723018
Occurred at Oliver Rd/Sunset Dr, Paradise. Heavy equipment trailer parked in roadway. No warning cones, no veh attached. Area checked, no hazard. . Disposition: Unfounded.

12:18 Warrant Arrest 140723020
Occurred at Bcso on County Center Dr. , Oroville. Hugo Torres Martinez Jr 031783 arrested by BCSO on PPD misd warrant # SCR098520 charging 40508(a) PC, 14601.1(a) VC, 4000(a) VC and 16028(a) VC. Bail $5,000. Cited and released. . Disposition: Arrest Made.

13:14 Suspicious Circumstances 140723021
Occurred at Am PM on Clark Rd. , Paradise. Elderly female asking for rides from strangers. Contacted Lorine Klein 032829, courtesy transport home. . Disposition: Documentation Only.

13:15 Threats 140723022
Occurred on Skyway, Paradise. Rebecca (Unknown last) made vague threats to RP RE ongoing issue. . Disposition: Documentation Only.

13:47 Civil Matter 140723023
Occurred on Kenglo Dr, Paradise. Her payee, Jodi Johnson 071264, refusing to release funds. Inv contacted. Refered to SSA for resolution. . Disposition: Options Provided.

14:05 Suspicious Circumstances 140723025
Occurred at Center Street Apts on Center St. , Paradise. Subjs in PL. Male left in Tan Cadillac, woman left on foot. RP req extra patrol. . Disposition: Referred to Patrol.

14:16 Peace Disturbance 140723026
Occurred on Lowry Ln, Paradise. Christian Tyler 110575, at loc HBD, causing a disturbance. Inv contacted. RP will leave for a few hours. . Disposition: Documentation Only.

14:33 Peace Disturbance 140723027
Occurred at Cape Cod Mobile Estates on Skyway. , Paradise. Adam Balogh 060171, at loc causing a disturbance. Inv contacted, Adam collected property and sent on his way. . Disposition: Documentation Only.

14:40 Hazard - Traffic 140723029
Occurred at Skyway/Neal Rd, Paradise. Disabled veh in number one lane. Area checked, no hazard. . Disposition: Unfounded.