Department Badge Paradise Police Department
Media Bulletin for Monday, September 1, 2014

16:46 Intoxicated Subject 140831019
Occurred on N Libby Rd, Paradise. Gerry and Michelle Davis involved in dispute. Female HBD. Male throwing things inside house. Cheri Michelle Davis 073169 arrested for 647f PC, booked BCJ. . Disposition: Arrest Made.

17:36 Peace Disturbance 140831022
Occurred at Village Parkway Apts on Village Parkway. , Paradise. Kevin Mastrangelo 052488 and Kayla McCally 111892 in verbal altercation. Mastrangelo contacted, determined to be argument over relationship ending. . Disposition: Documentation Only.

18:18 Civil Matter 140831023
Occurred on Laurel Dr, Paradise. Requesting to speak with an officer re custody issues with her son. RP contacted. . Disposition: Options Provided.

18:30 Warrant Arrest 140831024
Occurred on Skyway, Paradise. Male subj screaming and yelling with a child at loc. Contacted Jason Charles Treadway 041972, arrested on civil no bail warrant 98FL04875 out of Sacramento County SO. Subj booked BCJ and released 849(b)(2) PC and transported home. . Disposition: Arrest Made.

18:40 Alarm - Residence 140831025
Occurred on Valley View Dr, Paradise. Audible alarm at Eric Smith's residence, POE/Zone 12, garage entry door, 2 trips. Resp/pending. Cancelled per alarm company, homeowner's son on site, difficulty resetting. . Disposition: Disregard From Alarm Company.

18:52 Traffic Complaint 140831026
Occurred at Skyway on Skyway/Stl. , Paradise. Erratic driver, whi dodge truck NFD, NB Skyway. Units out of position. Info to CHP. . Disposition: Referred to Patrol.

18:58 Suspicious Circumstances 140831028
Occurred at Wayland Rd/Foster Rd, Paradise. Man sitting in maroon and grey van counting cash. Area checked. . Disposition: Gone On Arrival - Unable to Locate.

19:24 Traffic Complaint 140831029
Occurred at Skyway/Crossroads, Paradise. Erratic driver, speeds 40 -45, swerving in and out of lanes. Area checked. . Disposition: Gone On Arrival - Unable to Locate.

19:35 Peace Disturbance 140831030
Occurred on Scottwood Rd, Paradise. Frank Salazar 010951 is HBD and hit RP. Contacted Salazar, determined verbal only. Female left prior to ofcr arrival. . Disposition: Documentation Only.

19:58 Municipal Code Violation 140831031
Occurred on Scottwood Rd, Paradise. 11357 H&S in backyard approx 45 plants. Info to Code Enforcement for followup. . Disposition: Documentation Only.

19:59 Hazard - Traffic 140831032
Occurred on Bennett Rd, Paradise. Two trees fell across roadway. . Disposition: Abated - Hazard Cleared.

20:21 Peace Disturbance 140831033
Occurred on Parker Way, Paradise. Male assaulting a female, no desc. Contacted Aimee Edwards 040594. Male, Timothy Palmer 050473 left prior to PD arrival. Female advised verbal only. . Disposition: Documentation Only.

21:06 Peace Disturbance 140831034
Occurred on Parker Way, Paradise. Verbal altercation at loc, escalating. Contacted Aimee Edwards 040594, determined male involved left prior to officer arrival, refer incident 140831033. . Disposition: No Further Action Requested.

21:07 Accident - Hit & Run - Injury 140831035
Occurred at Skyway/Wagstaff Rd, Paradise. 2 veh accident, poss injuries. Susp veh, maroon sedan, left without headlights. (I) Darlene Alice Lindberg 060947 in veh lic 7ASA116. . Disposition: Report Taken.

21:19 Suspicious Circumstances 140831038
Occurred on Montna Dr, Paradise. She arrived home to see 2 subjs in back driveway and found sliding glass door open, believes someone may be inside. Female, young blond LSW whi blouse, dk shirt, 20s, male lsw dk shirt. Residence checked, determined neg unlawful entry. Area checked. . Disposition: Gone On Arrival - Unable to Locate.

22:23 Peace Disturbance 140831039
Occurred on Stark Ln, Paradise. Boyfriend, Chris Pritchard 020570, is HBD and is breaking things in house. Male contacted and agreed to leave for night. . Disposition: Documentation Only.

22:43 Vandalism 140831041
Occurred on Apple Ln, Paradise. Unk subjs tp'd her house. When subjs were contacted by RP, they ran towards Foster. Recurring problem. . Disposition: Documentation Only.

23:17 Suspicious Circumstances 140831044
Occurred at Gramercy Pl/Pearson Rd, Paradise. 3 subjects with blankets over their heads standing at intersection, one subj is smaller child. Contacted involved, determined to be looking for lost dog in the area. . Disposition: No Suspicious Activity Located.

01:23 Vandalism 140901002
Occurred at Pentz Rd/Wagstaff Rd, Paradise. Subj threw object at car and shattered window. Area checked, UTL. . Disposition: Documentation Only.

01:34 Noise Complaint 140901003
Occurred on Bille Rd, Paradise. Loud banging noises coming from area. Area checked. . Disposition: Quiet on Arrival / Quiet on Departure.

02:06 Noise Complaint 140901006
Occurred on Pearson Rd, Paradise. Loud music and yelling at loc. RP believes party at loc. Area checked. . Disposition: Quiet on Arrival / Quiet on Departure.

04:29 Peace Disturbance 140901008
Occurred on Skyway, Paradise. Subjects arguing, yelling and breaking items. Contacted Thomas Baisley 092183 and Cory Thomas 102188, determined to be verbal between brothers. . Disposition: Documentation Only.

06:14 Warrant Arrest 140901010
Officer initiated activity at Maxx 4 Less - Arco, Skyway, Paradise.OV James Jay Hassan 100264, arrested on BCSO felony warrant CM039053 charging 1024.2(c) PC, no bail. Subj booked BCJ. . Disposition: Arrest Made.

08:42 Citizen Assist 140901017
Occurred on Scottwood Rd, Paradise. Altercation last night with tenant, Frank Salazar 010951. RP contacted, referred to P25. . Disposition: Public Assist.

09:13 Civil Matter 140901018
Occurred on Piney Ridge Dr, Paradise. Stephanie Seim 021888 left in Whi Dodge Magnum with 5 month old daughter, req ofcr contact. UTC RP, message left. . Disposition: Documentation Only.

09:29 Burglary 140901020
Occurred on Wayland Rd, Paradise. TV stolen from unlocked guest house. Poss susp info. RP contacted. . Disposition: Report Taken.

11:22 Citizen Assist 140901025
Occurred at Paradise Residential Care Home on Terry Ln. , Paradise. Donald Nunn 050352 said he was feeling weak and having difficulty breathing. RP contacted Nunn who wanted to discuss prior symptoms, but is not having a medical issue at this time, req NFA. . Disposition: Unfounded.

11:35 Found Property 140901026
Occurred on Pentz Rd, Paradise. Finding California ID card for Joshua Vangieson 072291. . Disposition: Report Taken.

11:48 Information 140901027
Occurred at Carriage Car Wash on Clark Rd. , Paradise. Vacuum machine accidentally opened when RP's quarter jammed in machine. Info forwarded to resp for loc. . Disposition: Documentation Only.

12:08 Assault 140901028
Occurred on Bille Rd, Paradise. Tim Shelton 041481 advised Brandy Johnson 070469 hit him and he needed medical. Contacted Brandy and Charles Kester 040963, advised subj injured himself, left loc. Area checked, UTL. . Disposition: Documentation Only.

12:24 Transient Activity 140901031
Occurred at Neal Rd/Bike Path, Paradise. "Sam" drinking and smoking cigarettes on bench. Contacted Vincent Bang 111362, Gregory "Sam" Reed 100449 and Michael Hamlette 031178, admonished. . Disposition: Documentation Only.

13:15 Civil Matter 140901032
Occurred on Pentz Rd, Paradise. Civil stand-by needed at location to retrieve vehicle. RP contacted, referred to CHP. . Disposition: Options Provided.

14:14 Suspicious Circumstances 140901033
Occurred at Pentz Rd/Wagstaff Rd, Paradise. Vehicle shot between 0100 and 0130 on 090114 by high powered BB gun. Windshield shattered and right rear passenger door dented. RP contacted. . Disposition: Documentation Only.

14:22 Suspicious Circumstances 140901035
Occurred on Pearson Rd, Paradise. 2 men displayed badges and identified as Social Security workersarrived at residence and asked odd questions. RP contacted, ID Theft info provided. . Disposition: Documentation Only.

14:33 Peace Disturbance 140901036
Occurred on La Grand Vue, Paradise. Jessi Rawlin 060487 causing disturbance. Contacted RP and Rawlin, unresolved, options given to RP. . Disposition: No Further Action Requested.