Department Badge Paradise Police Department
Media Bulletin for Tuesday, August 19, 2014

15:03 Suspicious Circumstances 140818017
Occurred on Sawmill Rd, Paradise. Came home 081414, noticed door knob tampered with as if someone was trying to break in. Req ofcr contact. . Disposition: Options Provided.

15:58 Burglary 140818018
Occurred at Am PM on Clark Rd. , Paradise. Unk female continually stealing ice and will not leave when employees ask her to leave. Contacted Denise Ann Gardner 030759. Admonished. . Disposition: Completed.

16:15 Accident - Non-Injury 140818019
Occurred at Am PM on Clark Rd. , Paradise. Two veh TC. Inv (I) Dylan Misquez 020195 with veh Lic: 5GOR947 Towed by Sinclairs. (I) Wingate Bender Fox 052359 with Veh Lic: 79311G1. Towed by Skyway. . Disposition: Documentation Only.

16:42 Warrant Arrest 140818021
Occurred at Am PM on Clark Rd. , Paradise. Contacted Timothy James Guarino Jr 112487, arrested on 2 PPD misd warrants. (I) #SCR91447 charging 1203.2(a) PC X2, 242 PC, 1214.1 PC and PD PC. Bail $10,000. (I) #SCR098244 charging 23152(a) VC, 23152(b) VC and 1320(a) PC. Bail $10,000. Cited and released. . Disposition: Arrest Made.

16:43 Alarm - Residence 140818022
Occurred on Valley View Dr, Paradise. Audible alarm, POE family room motion. Residence checked, determined accidental by pets. . Disposition: False Alarm.

16:47 Traffic Complaint 140818023
Occurred at Feather River Hospital on Pentz Rd. , Paradise. Veh hit 2 trash cans while SB Pentz from Bille and knocked off his side passenger mirror. Subj drove his veh into ditch at least once. Subj currently in ER. Manuel Hernandez contacted. UI unfounded. Determined minimal damage to veh. . Disposition: Documentation Only.

16:58 Warrant Arrest 140818024
Occurred at Paradise Police Department on Black Olive Dr. , Paradise. State Parks and Rec arrested James Douglas Caddy 062862 on outstanding 6M out of PPD for 14601.1a VC, 853.7 PC, bail $2,500, refer 13-0751. . Disposition: Arrest Made.

17:26 Civil Matter 140818025
Occurred on Rocky Ln, Paradise. She would like standby to retrieve her meds from Edson Bewley 070650. RP contacted. . Disposition: Completed.

18:00 Theft - Grand 140818026
Occurred at Skyway Villa Mhp on Skyway. , Paradise. Jim and James Pritchard took numerous items belonging to Vernon Trammell. Pritchard was caretaking Trammell. Trammell recently passed away and subjs broke into his safe, took signed pink slip to veh plus other property. ATC, message left. . Disposition: Documentation Only.

18:14 Civil Matter 140818027
Occurred on Rocky Ln, Paradise. Needing civil standby in order to get her medications from Edson Bewley. RP contacted. . Disposition: Completed.

18:37 Citizen Assist 140818029
Occurred on Maxwood Dr, Paradise. Needing officer contact regarding her son, Peter Vigh 110660. RP contacted. . Disposition: Options Provided.

18:53 Alarm - Residence 140818030
Occurred on Sawmill Rd, Paradise. Bill Toci residence, POE/living and dining room motion sensors, Resp/not available. Residence checked, determined balloon set off alarm. . Disposition: False Alarm.

19:09 Peace Disturbance 140818031
Occurred on Del Monte Av, Paradise. Roomate, Steven Chacon 041085, was involved in verbal altercation with RP over drug use in the residence and began throwing items in the house. RP contacted, will make contact if returns. . Disposition: Documentation Only.

19:34 Assault 140818034
Occurred on Hilltop Dr, Paradise. He would like a civil standby at parent's house in order to get car keys and some clothes. RP contacted. John Lopez contacted. RP stated that John kicked him in left leg. RP wants to press charges. Ofcr attempted contact, msg left. . Disposition: Documentation Only.

19:43 Traffic Complaint 140818035
Occurred at Skyway/Crossroads, Paradise. Veh driving excessive speed NB Skyway, unk plate. Area checked. . Disposition: Gone On Arrival - Unable to Locate.

20:06 Civil Matter 140818036
Occurred on Fickett Ln, Paradise. Needing officer contact re verbal argument with mother. RP stated he no longer needed assistance and would be going to his uncle's house. . Disposition: Documentation Only.

20:34 Peace Disturbance 140818038
Occurred on Black Olive Dr, Paradise. Roommate, Gary M. Hudspeth 031979, assaulted RP. RP requesting medical for foot injury. RP contacted, transported to FRH and will contact with statement at a later time. Hudspeth GOA. Refer case 14-1894. . Disposition: Documentation Only.

20:50 Suspicious Circumstances 140818039
Occurred on W Wagstaff Rd, Paradise. She saw small square of carpet with small amount of blood on it. . Disposition: Documentation Only.

21:35 Accident - Injury 140818040
Occurred at Clark Rd/Elk Ln, Paradise. Veh into rock wall/sign. (I)Joni Flucard-Simanjuntak 111060. Veh towed by Sinclair Towing. . Disposition: Report Taken.

22:17 Suspicious Circumstances 140818042
Occurred at Pearson Rd/Black Olive Dr, Paradise. Female in plain clothes moving orange cones from north to south side of street . Area checked. . Disposition: Gone On Arrival - Unable to Locate.

22:35 Warrant Arrest 140818043
Officer initiated activity at Skyway/Maxwell Dr, Paradise.OV of David Allen Smith 120479 and Richard Elden Lee 011281. Smith arrested on outstanding misd PPD warrant SCR099138 for 273.6 PC, bail $3,000, cited and released in the field. . Disposition: Arrest Made.

23:29 Case Follow-up 140818045
Occurred at Feather River Hospital on Pentz Rd. , Paradise. Reqeusting officer contact for follow up to incident 140818038. RP contacted. . Disposition: Report Taken.

00:06 Peace Disturbance 140819001
Occurred on Black Olive Dr, Paradise. Tenant, John Rolph, is in parking lot harassing girlfriend. Subj HBD and is screaming at girlfriend from outside. John Mac Rolph 050876 arrested on PPD misdemeanor warrant charging 1203.2(a) PC x 2, 1214.1 PC, 647(f) PC, bail $5,000, booked BCJ. . Disposition: Arrest Made.

02:30 DUI Driver 140819002
Officer initiated activity at Am Pm, Clark Rd, Paradise.Contacted Roger Roy Bogosian 021758, arrested for 23152(a) VC and 23152(b) VC, cited and released from station. . Disposition: Arrest Made.

08:07 Civil Matter 140819003
Occurred on Skyway, Paradise. Theft of property from residence. refer 140818026. RP contacted , referred to probate court. . Disposition: Documentation Only.

08:15 Peace Disturbance 140819004
Occurred at J And M Trailer Park on Clark Rd. , Paradise. Clint Stillwell at loc causing a disturbance. Subj left prior to dispatch. RP will recontact if subj returns. . Disposition: Documentation Only.

08:23 Civil Matter 140819005
Occurred at J And M Trailer Park on Clark Rd. , Paradise. Conflict over civil issue between RP and Rebekah Simmers 082867. Inv contacted. . Disposition: Options Provided.

08:27 Hazard - Traffic 140819006
Occurred at Skyway/Crossroads, Paradise. EB driver in WB lane, Blue SUV. Area checked. . Disposition: Gone On Arrival - Unable to Locate.

09:08 Suspicious Circumstances 140819010
Occurred at Safeway on Clark Rd. , Paradise. Male/female in gray 4 door Pontiac sedan smoking marijuana. Veh left NB Clark. Area checked. . Disposition: Gone On Arrival - Unable to Locate.

09:37 Civil Matter 140819013
Occurred on Filbert St, Paradise. Tenant is refusing to let RP enter residence after serving 3 day notice to quit. RP contacted. . Disposition: Options Provided.

09:48 Civil Matter 140819015
Occurred on Sunset Dr, Paradise. He is receiving threats from John Browne re landlord/tenant issues. . Disposition: Options Provided.

09:54 Alarm - Commercial 140819017
Occurred at Hope Christian Church on Pentz Rd. , Paradise. POE, rear entry door contact. Resp pending. Contacted Pastor, accidental. . Disposition: False Alarm.

11:13 Warrant Arrest 140819022
Occurred at El Dorado Mhp on Skyway/Pentz. , Paradise. Heard only accident. Contacted Christie Lynn Caudill 102977 in veh lic 4YIP326 and Timothy Eugene Coleman 071190 in veh lic 143FTT . Coleman arrested on PPD Felony warrant #CM041549. Charges 29800(a)(1) PC, 25400(a)(1) PC, 22210 PC, 25850(a) PC, 11350(a) HS and 23152(e) VC. Bail $66,000. Also arrested for 14601.1 VC, booked BCJ. . Disposition: Arrest Made.

12:52 Suspicious Circumstances 140819025
Occurred on Foster Rd, Paradise. Ex-boyfriend, Anthony Sermeno 071392, at loc. RP observed subj breaking window to enter residence. Residence checked, no additional damage from prev incident. . Disposition: Documentation Only.

13:16 Warrant Arrest 140819028
Occurred at Paradise Police Department on Black Olive Dr. , Paradise. Mark Edgar Brookey 052650 self-surrendered in lobby on PPD misd warrant #SCR92199. Charges 1320(a) PC, 23152(a) VC, 14601.5(a) VC and 11550(a) HS. Subj cited to appear and released. . Disposition: Arrest Made.

13:56 Traffic Complaint 140819030
Occurred at Skyway/Bille Rd, Paradise. Whi Ford Explorer being followed by a tan Suburban. Road rage. Subj did not respond to station per request. NFA. . Disposition: Documentation Only.

14:01 Warrant Arrest 140819031
Occurred at Bcso on County Center Dr. , Oroville. Michael James Hudson 110771 arrested on outstanding misd PPD warrant SCR098701 for 11377(a) HS, 14601.1(a) VC, bail $10,000. Subj cited and released. . Disposition: Arrest Made.

14:25 Civil Matter 140819034
Occurred on Rocky Ln, Paradise. Unk subj cut locks of gate and entered his residence. Yolanda Baker entered residence without his permission. Baker was given 30 day notice and she has not been at loc for 10 days but has not removed personal property. . Disposition: Documentation Only.

14:25 Vandalism 140819035
Occurred at Pearson Rd/Middle Libby Rd, Paradise. Her windshield was broken poss by water balloon as she passed thru area around 1130 hours. No suspects. RP requests documentation. . Disposition: Documentation Only.

14:36 Accident - Injury 140819036
Occurred at Buschmann Rd/Scottwood Rd, Paradise. 2 veh accident, poss injuries. (I)Elizabeth Brown 071130 in veh lic/5LNY128 towed by Skyway Towing and (I) Elizabeth Kassa 091530 in veh lic/3EDG386, towed by Sinclair Towing . . Disposition: Report Taken.