Department Badge Paradise Police Department
Media Bulletin for Wednesday, October 1, 2014

15:48 Noise Complaint 140930031
Occurred on Willow St, Paradise. Ongoing issue with music playing all hours of the day. . Disposition: Documentation Only.

16:00 Fraudulent Activity 140930032
Occurred on Pine View Dr, Paradise. She believes she was scammed. RP contacted, unable to substantiate. . Disposition: Documentation Only.

16:41 Alarm - Commercial 140930037
Occurred at Chris Cabinets on Center St. , Paradise. Silent alarm, POE Keypad duress. Building checked, found secure, per neighboring business, owner just left, accidental. . Disposition: False Alarm.

17:49 Burglary 140930041
Occurred on Neal Rd, Paradise. Forced entry to residence, items missing. RP contacted. . Disposition: Report Taken.

17:50 Traffic Complaint 140930042
Occurred at Clark Rd/Elliott Rd, Paradise. Elderly WFA driving a Gray Nissan Altima, swerving in roadway almost hit MC. . Disposition: Referred to Patrol.

19:21 Suspicious Circumstances 140930043
Occurred at Sierra Central Credit Union on Skyway. , Paradise. Subj in veh parked IFO ATM. Desc: Silver or Gold 4 dr sedan. Veh has been parked at loc for 15-20 min. Area checked. . Disposition: Gone On Arrival - Unable to Locate.

19:32 Peace Disturbance 140930044
Occurred on Crestview Dr, Paradise. William Jeffrey Davies 100160, HBD and causing a disturbance. Determined verbal argument only. . Disposition: Documentation Only.

20:31 Civil Matter 140930045
Occurred on Pearson Rd, Paradise. Having issues with elderly mother who has mental issues. Refer to incident 140930035. RP contacted. . Disposition: Options Provided.

01:16 Suspicious Vehicle 141001002
Officer initiated activity at Fastrip, Skyway, Paradise.OV of veh behind loc. Contacted Brian James Robertson 063058, Karen Landelius 122259, Angelina Rose Marie Murphy 070490 and Jerome Corey Conley 010361. Car trouble. . Disposition: No Suspicious Activity Located.

01:28 Alarm - Commercial 141001003
Occurred at Blaze N J'S on Skyway. , Paradise. Audible. POE Zone 2 motion. Resp pending. Bldg checked and secure. . Disposition: False Alarm.

02:05 Suspicious Vehicle 141001004
Officer initiated activity at Cathy Ln, Paradise.Contacted Wayne Newman 011449, giving co-worker a ride home. . Disposition: No Suspicious Activity Located.

02:30 Suspicious Vehicle 141001005
Officer initiated activity at Pusd - District Office, Clark Rd, Paradise.OV of occupied veh. Contacted Sharon Kay Edwards 071945. . Disposition: No Suspicious Activity Located.

02:44 Suspicious Vehicle 141001006
Officer initiated activity at Paradise Alliance Church, Clark Rd, Paradise.OV of occupied veh in S PL. Contacted Michelle Marie Saleen 073062. . Disposition: No Suspicious Activity Located.

03:02 Citizen Assist 141001007
Occurred on Crestview Dr, Paradise. Son, Rustin Grayson 101161, is caring for elderly female, Deidra Lord 021336. Lord has dimentia and does not remember Rustin is supposed to be there. No contacts this night from either inv. . Disposition: Documentation Only.

03:25 Suspicious Circumstances 141001008
Occurred on Coral Cir, Paradise. Unk subj walking NB on roadway. RP contacted, area checked. . Disposition: Gone On Arrival - Unable to Locate.

10:36 Suspicious Circumstances 141001022
Occurred at Bille Rd/Bike Path, Paradise. 3 WMJs exchanging poss bags of narcotics at bench at loc. No desc. Area checked. . Disposition: No Suspicious Activity Located.

11:23 Citizen Assist 141001025
Occurred at Pine View Care Center on Skyway. , Paradise. Son, Lawrence Cage 112957, is restrained from patient, Leda Cage 093016, has questions re visit. RP contacted. . Disposition: Options Provided.

11:29 Theft - Petty 141001026
Occurred on Manhattan Dr, Paradise. Medications stolen . Req documentation. . Disposition: Documentation Only.

11:33 Alarm - Residence 141001027
Occurred on Foster Rd, Paradise. Audible alarm, POE general burglar alarm, neg resp. Building checked, secure. . Disposition: False Alarm.

11:44 Theft - Petty 141001029
Occurred at Paradise Intermediate School on Recreation Dr. , Paradise. Blk Adidas backpack with Samsung phone inside taken from loc. Serial number 013756001046269IMEI. 10-21. . Disposition: Documentation Only.

12:11 Lost Property 141001031
Occurred on Sawmill Rd, Paradise. DL stolen. Contacted Cytnthia Seeley 070459. . Disposition: Report Taken.

13:40 Traffic Complaint 141001033
Occurred at Clark Rd/Pearson Rd, Paradise. WMA in dk blu sedan crossed double yellow and speeding, unk plate. Female passenger. Units unavailable. . Disposition: Referred to Patrol.

13:42 Warrant Arrest 141001034
Occurred at Paradise Police Department on Black Olive Dr. , Paradise. Brandon Lyle Salez 061287 self-surrendered on CPD misd warrant SCR55244 charging 23152(b) VC, 1320(a) C, 853.7 PC x2 and 1203.2(a) x2, bail $20,000 and on BCSO misd warrant SCR90402 charging 14601.2(a) VC, 4000(a) VC, 27803 VC and 853.7 PC x2, bail $10,000. Booked BCJ. . Disposition: Arrest Made.

14:29 Theft - Petty 141001035
Occurred on Clark Rd, Paradise. Whi Specialized bicycle, whi Foscan digital camera & red Max backpack blower taken from loc. RP contacted. . Disposition: Report Taken.

14:57 DUI Driver 141001036
Occurred at La Comida on Skyway. , Paradise. Assist BCSO. Contacted Amanda Ranee Uhor 070684 and Francisco Javier Barajas 102878. Barajas arrested for 23152(a) VC and 23152(b) VC. Booked BCJ. . Disposition: Arrest Made.