Department Badge Paradise Police Department
Media Bulletin for Friday, November 21, 2014

15:28 Vandalism 141121039
Occurred on Maxwell Dr, Paradise. Multiple incidents of vandalism over the past few weeks. RP contacted. . Disposition: Documentation Only.

15:46 Warrant Arrest 141121041
Occurred at Bcso on County Center Dr. , Oroville. Elizabeth Rae Allen 091693 self-surrended to BCSO on PPD misd warrant #SCR099844 charging 11550(a) H&S, 1320(a) PC and 273a(b) PC. Bail $5,000. Cited and released. . Disposition: Arrest Made.

16:04 Hazard - Traffic 141121043
Occurred at Wagstaff Rd/Rocky Ln, Paradise. Veh blocking traffic in WB lane. . Disposition: Abated - Hazard Cleared.

17:17 Peace Disturbance 141121045
Occurred on Pearl Dr, Paradise. Neighbor, Lenny Wallen, causing disturbance, yelling at RP. Involved contacted, unresolved dispute. . Disposition: Documentation Only.

17:23 Peace Disturbance 141121046
Occurred on Deerpark, Paradise. Argument with son, Christopher Reichert 020585. Invovled contacted, verbal only. . Disposition: Documentation Only.

17:40 Alarm - Commercial 141121048
Occurred at United Country Johnson Real Estate on Skyway. , Paradise. Audible, POE front door and reception motion, resp pending. Alarm company recontacted, proper codes given prior to officer arrival. . Disposition: Disregard From Alarm Company.

17:55 Alarm - Commercial 141121049
Occurred at Paradise Pentecostal Church Of God on Clark Rd. , Paradise. Audible, POE hallway motion, resp pending. Building checked, secure. . Disposition: False Alarm.

18:53 Cite - Unlicensed Driver 141121052
Officer initiated activity at Sawmill Rd/Nunneley Rd, Paradise.Contacted Elizabeth Vanvliet 083184, Philip Daugherty 031779 and Tiffany Nelson 011885. Nelson arrested for 14601.1(a) VC. Cited and released. Veh released to licensed driver. . Disposition: Arrest Made.

18:58 Traffic Complaint 141121053
Occurred at Skyway/Stl, Paradise. Ford pick-up weaving and travelling 40 MPH N/B on Skyway approaching STL. Area checked. . Disposition: Gone On Arrival - Unable to Locate.

19:08 Cite - Unlicensed Driver 141121054
Officer initiated activity at Big O Tires, Skyway, Paradise.Contacted Jason Andrew Najera 063081, Melissa Dee Green 020481 and Pamela Jayne Creedon 042056. Najera arrested for 14601.2(a), cited and released. Veh secured at scene. . Disposition: Arrest Made.

19:34 Suspicious Vehicle 141121057
Officer initiated activity at Duck Pond, Buschmann Rd/Recreation Dr, Paradise.Contacted Tony Christian Daniels 072069, determined to be waiting for a driver. . Disposition: No Suspicious Activity Located.

19:39 Suspicious Circumstances 141121058
Occurred at Baskin Robbins Ice Cream on Skyway. , Paradise. WMA looking through windows in parking lot. Desc: Tan jacket, jeans. Contacted Dennis Bluedorn 101269, admonished re: loitering. . Disposition: Documentation Only.

20:27 Alarm - Residence 141121060
Occurred on Glen Dr, Paradise. Audible, POE garage door. Loc checked, secure. Contacted resident, unk reason for trip. . Disposition: False Alarm.

20:31 Burglary 141121061
Occurred on Skyway, Paradise. Forced entry to veh. RP contacted. . Disposition: Report Taken.

21:37 Burglary 141121062
Occurred at Tall Pines Entertainment Center on Clark Rd. , Paradise. Forced entry to veh. Backpack with wallet stolen. RP contacted. . Disposition: Report Taken.

22:24 Traffic Complaint 141121066
Occurred at Skyway/Wagstaff Rd, Paradise. Green Ford Thunderbird driving below speed limit, weaving and drove off road. Area checked. . Disposition: Gone On Arrival - Unable to Locate.

02:12 DUI Driver 141122002
Officer initiated activity at Sawmill Rd/Henson Rd, Paradise.Contacted Aaron Michael Dockings 062578, Wayne William Wise 022678 and Kelley Anna Poteet 090272. Dockings arrested for 23152(a) VC and 23152(b) VC, Cited and released. Provided transport home. Poteet arrested for 11550(a) H&S and 1203.2 PC, booked BCJ. Veh secured. . Disposition: Arrest Made.

04:32 Alarm - Commercial 141122003
Occurred at Smog Busters And Busters Deli on Pearson Rd. , Paradise. POE NE coffee shop entry/exit door. coffee shop motion. Bldg checked, open door. . Disposition: Report Taken.

04:57 Alarm - Commercial 141122004
Occurred at Little Caesars Pizza on Skyway. , Paradise. POE rear door. Resp pending . Bldg checked and secure. . Disposition: False Alarm.

11:15 Warrant Arrest 141122008
Officer initiated activity at Daves Hairem, Skyway, Paradise.Contacted Justin Ray Jamison Cummings 111587. Arrested on BCSO fel swap walk away warrant docket CM040323/SCR96011/SCR97298 charging 4024.2(c)PC no bail. Subj booked BCJ. . Disposition: Arrest Made.

11:20 Suspicious Circumstances 141122009
Occurred on Bille Rd, Paradise. Something was shot through her front window. RP contacted, determined to be caused by a BB gun, no suspect info. . Disposition: Documentation Only.

11:35 Citizen Assist 141122010
Occurred on Silverthorne Ln, Paradise. Needing name and date of birth for subj transported to FRH. Subj determined to be Rick Gifford 071563. RP advised. . Disposition: Documentation Only.

11:56 Peace Disturbance 141122011
Occurred on Hilltop Dr, Paradise. Son, Jerimiah Vail 111673 in verbal dispute with RPs wife Janet Vail 071342. All parties contacted, Jerimiah admonished and agreed to go elsewhere for the evening. . Disposition: Documentation Only.

12:27 Burglary 141122012
Occurred at Seventh Day Adventist Church on Academy Dr. , Paradise. Window broken, RP's wife's purse stolen including wallet. RP contacted. . Disposition: Report Taken.

13:25 Suspicious Circumstances 141122014
Occurred on Bille Rd, Paradise. WMA with beard, black beanie, dark shirt, shorts, flip flops and black unbrella has been walking around the neighborhood, lingering and carrying a marijuana pipe. Area checked. . Disposition: Gone On Arrival - Unable to Locate.

13:46 Burglary 141122019
Occurred at Seventh Day Adventist Church on Academy Dr. , Paradise. Window broken, backpack stolen, IPOD taken. Refer 14-2733. RP contacted. . Disposition: Report Taken.

14:05 Suspicious Circumstances 141122020
Occurred on Leone Way, Paradise. Her and several of her neighbor's mailboxes were found opened. RP also found her mail on the ground IFO of her box. Req extra patrol in the morning hours. . Disposition: Documentation Only.

14:09 Recovered Stolen Property 141122021
Occurred at Bcso on County Center Dr. , Oroville. Recovered stolen laptop , property will be returned to owner by BCSO. Refer 13-3173. . Disposition: Report Taken.